School to School Support

School to School support is a personalised service which provides support from one school to another in specific areas as requested. This can be one to one support, departmental or theme support, leadership support or whole school support.

The support could be from a short information gathering discussion up to an agreed period of full time support depending upon individual circumstances and need. It is intended that all support is a two way process whereby both schools can learn from each other in order to improve.

For each deployment, the brokering process will involve:

  • finding the right SLE, RSL, NLE, NLG( or school to undertake the specific support required
  • agreeing the objectives, timescales and expected impact
  • agreeing the support approach and which colleagues will be involved in the supported school
  • agreeing the time commitment required and any financial terms (based upon the level of support required)




National Leaders of Education (NLE)Outstanding serving headteachers and academy principalsTo provide additional leadership capacity to schools facing challenging circumstances
Regional System Leaders (RSL)Good or outstanding serving headteachers and academy principalsTo work alongside other headteachers to drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained
Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)Outstanding middle or senior leaders below headship, including school business managersTo support other individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools to achieve outstanding leadership in their own area of expertise
National Leader of Governance (NLG)Highly effective chairs of governorsAdvanced Skills Teachers (AST)To use their skills and experience to support chairs of governors in other schools and academies
Advanced Skills Teachers (AST)Teachers judged to meet the required standards through a national processTo share their skills, through outreach work, with teachers in their own and other schools

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